“If only I could judge the education system in court.”

Writing allows you to imagine anything. It tells a story. It’s such a gift for a writer to tell a ‘story’ while addressing some serious issues. Someone read their piece of writing to me and I was impressed, to say the least. It’s true that if you talk (in this case write) from the heart, it makes all the difference.

“A pen can solve what weapons cannot.”- Ibn Arabi. Sometimes we don’t need to physically be there for support. You as a writer/blogger/ a Facebook/ Instagram user/ an educated person with a basic understanding of any language has a voice. To change the world, you don’t need to be the president of a country. All you need is courage and social media.

Here’s the article… (he hopes to be a lawyer one day, hence the title)

Albert Einstein once said, "Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, today on trial we have 'modern-day school'. Tell me school, are you proud of the things you have done? Turning millions of students into robots. Do you find that to be impressive? Do you realise how many kids relate to that fish? Swimming upstream in class, never finding their 'gifts'. They keep thinking they are stupid, believing that they are useless. Well, the time has come. No more excuses. I call school to the stand and accuse him of billing creativity, individually and being intellectually abused.
Modern-day school is an ancient institution that has outlived its usage. What do I mean? The classroom from a hundred and fifty years ago is the same structure as today's classrooms. In what is literally more than a century, nothing has changed. Do you prepare students for the future or the past? 
Background information on modern-day schooling states that you are built to train people to work in factories. Which explains why you put students in straight rows, nice and neat. The way you tell them to raise their hands if they have something to say. Shouldn't we strive to think outside the box? How can a learner achieve this if they are surrounded by four walls? They told us not to just be another brick in the wall, stand out. Modern-day schooling is over-rated. The world has progressed. We need people who think creatively, innovatively, critically, independently with the ability to connect.
If a doctor would prescribe the exact same medicine to all his patients, the results would catastrophic. When it comes to school, this is exactly what happens... education malpractice. When a teacher stands in front of more than twenty kids, each one having different needs, different gifts, different dreams and you teach the same thing, the same ancient way.
Let me mention the way you treat your teachers. I mean teachers have the most important job on the planet. Yet, they're underpaid. Let's be honest, teachers should earn just as much as doctors because a doctor can do heart surgery and save the life of the kid but a great teacher can reach the heart of that kid and allow him to truly live. Teachers are heroes that often get blamed on, but they're not the problem. The system they work in, is the problem.
Ladies and gentlemen, the defendant should not be acquitted. This may be the worst criminal offences ever to be committed.

Do you agree?

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