Are people who love wearing black the most creative?

Too often, we see fictional characters wearing black and easily associate them with attention-seeking and rule-breaking. So are these characters the most creative?

Colour psychology says that individuals who love wearing black have personalities that show strength, seriousness, authority and power. Similarly to red but black is seen as being more sophisticated and aggressive. Think about characters like Maleficent and John Wick. Both characters have an abundance of power.

Black is a peculiar colour, and the disadvantage of wearing black is that people link the colour with depression, sadness and negativity. There is a fine line between looking more prestigious than the rest (like a lawyer) or, on the other hand, looking aggressive (like a criminal).  Black, unfortunately, does not demand respect due to its aggressive tendencies, especially in males. Unlike dark blue and shades of grey.

Regardless of the famous assumptions people have of black. Generally, most people who wear black have a higher IQ than others who don’t wear black.  And it may come as a surprise, but more people who wore yellow were found to be depressed than those who wore black. While yellow is considered a cheerful colour, people are more likely to lose their tempers in yellow rooms, and babies tend to cry more in yellow rooms, according to

Individuals who wear black are intelligent, but does a higher IQ equal greater creativity levels?

Intelligence demonstrates your ability to gather knowledge and effectively implement it. Creativity is the ability to go beyond intelligence and make random concept connections.

To conclude, creatives don’t need to be more intelligent than ordinary people. They simply do things more diligently than anyone else. They have a problem and develop various ideas to find a solution no matter how long it takes. I think black definitely, gives one the confidence to do so.

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2 thoughts on “Are people who love wearing black the most creative?

  1. I clicked on this post faster than flash because I personally love wearing black, it is my favourite colour. sadly people see me and ask if I am in mourning when I go all black from head to toe because black also corresponds with that. Am happy to see my best colour linked with creativity and knowledge.

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