Without moving a single step.

I was in the middle of all the action. I could see and hear everything. It was awesome! They said that it’d be good but this… “In irons!”: shouted the sailor. At that moment, I knew it was terrible. Alarms were ringing. The waves came rough, crushing against the ship. I looked out and sawContinue reading “Without moving a single step.”

Are people who love wearing black the most creative?

Too often, we see fictional characters wearing black and easily associate them with attention-seeking and rule-breaking. So are these characters the most creative? Colour psychology says that individuals who love wearing black have personalities that show strength, seriousness, authority and power. Similarly to red but black is seen as being more sophisticated and aggressive. ThinkContinue reading “Are people who love wearing black the most creative?”

Book review: ‘The love hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood

“I’m starting to wonder if this is what being in love is. Being okay with ripping yourself to shreds, so the other person can stay whole.” – Ali hazelwood, The love hypothesis Since its release date in September 2021, the book has been on my recommendation page on all social feeds. Before reading the book,Continue reading “Book review: ‘The love hypothesis’ by Ali Hazelwood”

Can we REALLY stop climate change?

Recently I’ve read the books ‘The sun is also a star’ by Nicola Yoon and ‘The brightest star in the sky’ by Marian Keyes. Coincidently, both titles have the word sun in them, with global warming resurfacing and COP26 that happened not too long ago… I’ve been wondering. Since we’re on the topic of theContinue reading “Can we REALLY stop climate change?”

Why are poets allowed to break grammar rules (… and who permitted them to do so)?

“Mother, will I never let you go….” My English teacher read the above with disbelieve and much confusion. Was it a question, statement or both? This verse is from a poem I wrote for my mother in ninth grade. It was a piece of writing that complied with all poetic rules (yes, and there areContinue reading “Why are poets allowed to break grammar rules (… and who permitted them to do so)?”

Coffee – Healthy or not?

Coffee is the most consumed beverage in the world. About 2.25 billion cups of coffee is consumed globally on a daily. Did you know that caffeine is the most studied Performance Enhancing Drug (PED)?… It’s that GOOD! There are many tales of how coffee was discovered and are still debated today. One thing is forContinue reading “Coffee – Healthy or not?”

Fudgy Chocolate Brownies

Caramel, pecan nuts and chocolate are the key ingredients for this mouth-watering brownie. (psst… Top with pomegranate seeds to make it look healthier than it really is) Ingredients 150g Soft butter 200g Dark chocolate pieces 175g Brown sugar 2 Eggs, beaten 55g Cake flour 1 tsp Baking powder 55g Chopped pecan nuts 4 tbsp CaramelContinue reading “Fudgy Chocolate Brownies”

“If only I could judge the education system in court.”

Writing allows you to imagine anything. It tells a story. It’s such a gift for a writer to tell a ‘story’ while addressing some serious issues. Someone read their piece of writing to me and I was impressed, to say the least. It’s true that if you talk (in this case write) from the heart,Continue reading ““If only I could judge the education system in court.””

Invasion of privacy as a theme of dystopian novels.

After reading a shameful amount of sci-fi/ dystopian books (probably 5), I have come to the conclusion that all of them focus on the theme – ‘Government control’ and ‘Invasion of privacy’. I’ve read the book ‘Shattered’ by Teri Terry which is the third book of the ‘Slated’ series. A girl named Kyla is inContinue reading “Invasion of privacy as a theme of dystopian novels.”

Best Quotes

The past week did not go too good for my blog. I should really start uploading more often. Feel free to let me know what you’d like to see more of in my blog. After reading my ‘about me’ section of my blog, I stated:” I love sharing amazing quotes”. Little did I know, I’veContinue reading “Best Quotes”

Corn and baby marrow drop fritters

Look no further for a brunch idea. Replace the cake flour with wholewheat flour if you like. Ingredients: 2 cups corn kernels 600g baby marrow, grated 2 spring onions, chopped a handful of chopped coriander 1 cup (150g) cake flour Salt and milled pepper for seasoning 2 cups (250g) grated cheddar cheese 3 eggs, beatenContinue reading “Corn and baby marrow drop fritters”

Book Review: “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue

Author: Imbolo Mbue Genre: Contemporary Fiction Pages: 382 About: ‘Behold the Dreamers’ takes place in New York, 2007 where Jende Jonga and his family search for a better life. Originally from Cameroon, Jende, his wife Neni and their young son experience what the ‘Great’ American Land has to offer. Clark Edwards is a senior partner atContinue reading “Book Review: “Behold the Dreamers” by Imbolo Mbue”

Why you should never stand and drink water

In our busy lives, we easily gulp down our food and water. Too little time and too much to do. It got me thinking if is necessary to sit down, to drink (and eat)? After famous Muslim sports-stars publicly went against the norm of standing and drinking water… the world begged the question. Why? WhyContinue reading “Why you should never stand and drink water”

Mac ‘n Cheese

It is worth knowing how to make this comforting classic. Let’s not forget the creamy white sauce. Serves: 4 Preparation time: 20 minutes Cooking time: 20-25 minutes Difficulty: Easy INGREDIENTS 500g Macaroni 1/4 cup Butter 1/4 cup Cake flour 2 cups Full-cream Milk 2 cups Cheddar cheese grated METHOD Bring a large pot of saltedContinue reading “Mac ‘n Cheese”

Let’s, wrap it up.

The wrap – a flatbread packaging mouth-watering filling which is familiar to every continent. Yes, all the regions have their variations, like added butter, some with herbs and other differences are in the method it is made. But before you explore every variation… try out the following basic wrap recipe. Preparation time: 15 minutes CookingContinue reading “Let’s, wrap it up.”

Welcome the birds

You do not need to live in the countryside or deep in a forest to wake up to the chirping of birds. Follow these simple steps and you could turn your garden into a bird sanctuary. Why attract birds to your garden? Seed-eating birds contribute to a healthy garden by keeping weeds from taking over.  Birds consume thousands of insects, especiallyContinue reading “Welcome the birds”

Summer Smoothies

Berry Smoothie There are many reasons why berries are good for you: They are high in fiber Good for your skin Provides your body with many nutrients May help protect you against cancers Makes: 4 glasses Preparation: 10 minutes Time to cook: none Difficulty: Easy Ingredients 2 cups ripe strawberries 1/2 cup mulberries 1/2 cupContinue reading “Summer Smoothies”


AUTHOR: Khaled Hosseini GENRE: GENERAL DRAMA PAGES: 400 ABOUT: The book is about the amazing bond of two siblings through the years. The author takes us on a journey through time. Abdullah and Pari, who live in Afghanistan, always play together until they are torn apart. We get to meet all the characters along theContinue reading “BOOK REVIEW: “AND THE MOUNTAINS ECHOED””

My daily planner

My planner is one of those simple ring binder journals you can pick up from any stationery supplies store. White paper. No ruled lines to cage my venturesome handwriting and doodling. I’m an obsessive note-taker and fill pages to the margins with to do lists and ideas for blog posts.

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